Glenariff Waterfall


The glen of Glenariffe is approximately 15 minutes away by car along the Coast Road. Attractions here include: Glenariffe Forest Park—head up into the glen for stunning vistas, waterfalls, and walking trails in Glenariffe Forest Park; stop in for a bite of lunch or dinner at the Larragh Lodge. Waterfoot Beach Parts of Glenariffe were

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The village of Cushendall is approximately 20 minutes away by car along the Coast Road. Attractions here include: Cushendall Sailing and Boat Club—offering sailing courses, yacht and dinghy races, and a newly refurbished clubhouse, the CSBC welcomes boat enthusiasts of all ages and experience levels. Cushendall Golf Club—a nine-hole course bordered by the River Dall,

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The village of Cushendun is approximately 25 minutes away by car along the Coast Road. Attractions here include: Cushendun Caves—a famous Game of Thrones filming location, this pebbled cove is where Melisandre gave birth to her deadly shadow creature. The Corner House—this cosy café serves as the perfect stop for tea, coffee, something sweet, or

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Giants Causeway

Giant’s Causeway

No trip to Northern Ireland would be complete without seeing the Giant’s Causeway, our most famous natural landmark and a UNESCO World Heritage Site! Stop in at the visitor’s centre to study up on the formation of the basalt columns. You can also learn more about the legendary giant Finn MacCool. Giant’s Causeway is approximately

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Portrush Harbour


Host of The 148th Open Championship in 2019, Portrush is a well-known spot for golfers from all over the world. The seaside resort town has something for everyone, including mouth-watering food, art and shops, and family-friendly places like Barry’s Amusements. Portrush is approximately 1 hour away from Carnlough by car. To read more, click here.

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